Packing is perhaps the hardest part of any upcoming trip. You need to have the right clothes for the weather at your arrival destination, and you need to have space in your baggage for other items such as a medical kit, a towel, books and travel documents. The most important part of packing is,, Read More

We all fantasise about it – the dusty, open road, endless big skies, and breathtaking vistas of sea, bush, and desert stretching out before us. Few trips garner more rustic romance then pouring gas in the tank (or charging up your hybrid) and setting off into the unknown, putting into a remote diner and drinking a, Read More

IF HOME IS WHERE the heart is, then Australia’s most cherished address is “no fixed abode”. Aussies have a restless streak, and with good reason. This is the only nation on earth blessed with an entire continent of natural wonder that is still being discovered. Being an adventurous lot, Aussies believe even if these place, Read More

Epic adventures are great, but it can be a long road of adventureless time in between. Never mind getting overwhelmed by planning an ambitious weekend escape. It’s just a matter of changing perspectives. Think Micro. Think Microadventure. Take it as cheap, minimal planning and short in time (12- 48 hours). Microadventures aren’t a lesser, Read More

    Hook Island is another soul- soothing spot in the Withsundays renowned for its scuba diving and snorkelling as well as abundant wildlife. This island must be a bird-watchers heaven as we spotted white-bellied sea eagles patrolling the skies and lace monitors  roaming the land when we were coming ashore. But it was, Read More

You’re going to be jammed into an aluminium tube with 500 strangers, confined to a 76cm x 91cm space for 18 hours. So let’s face it, a long flight is unlikely to be one of the most comfortable parts of your holiday. Here are 5 tips to ease the pain on your next long haul flight:, Read More

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